Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tending to our Trees

Getting our back yard into shape is going to be a long ongoing project. Today we spent some time tending to one of the plum trees which had several broken limbs.

These trees haven't been properly pruned for some time.  This limb simply got too heavy and snapped.

Me and my pruning saw, and my pruning dog.

Here's the tree, all cleaned up and looking a little bonsai.
My next project is to get rid of this old trailer.  I thought I'd get it out today, but it proved to be more work than I had time for.  It's actually been there so long that a plum tree has grown up through the A-frame at the front of the trailer.  So I'm going to have cut that down to get it out.

Yes.  That's a trailer.

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  1. cool little tidbits you found - love that stuff. Maybe you should plant a time capsule of your own before everything is done.